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1> Firstly a series of engineering analysis will be carried out to your part drawing, including part &. mould structure analysis and Moldflow analysis etc.. Through analysis we can discover the disfigurement on part design, and propose on improvement, or send modified drawing for your confirmation.

2> Then we will start 2D mould layout design. Normally it takes 3 days to complete, and we will have one day to have an inner design checking and improving before sending the mould layout to you.

3> You can feed back your modification opinions to us after you receive 2D mould layout design.We will modify the mould layout after receiving your comments, till your approval on the final design.

4> We will start ordering steel and mould base, and start full 3D mould design upon your confirmation letter on our mould design.

5> We will send the full 3D mould design to you for confirmation within 4 days.

6> After completing 3D mould design, CNC programming will be followed immediately, and all the 3D component drawings will be transformed to 2D drawings with full mark of dimensions. Our tooling staff will carry on machining according to 2D component drawings.And the quality management department will make material and processing detection according to the 2D drawings.

7> The project engineer will send you a timing plan of the machining within one day after your approval on our mould design, and from then a weekly report with live pictures will be sent every Monday.

8> We will record the molding condition of T1(the first trial), take pictures and video of the process. After T1, we will send you samples, meanwhile a inspection report will be provided within 2 days.

9> After T1, our mould engineer will have a first mould checking according to the approved mould drawing. At the same time, we will improve the mould according to our inner review and any feedback from you. Latest samples and inspection report out of T2 will be sent to you for approval.

10> If any specific surface finish is required, upon your approval on the sample, we will arrange to carry out mirror polishing or texture. Afterwards, new samples will be sent to you for viewing and approval.

11> Upon receiving your final confirmation on the sample, if the mould is going to stay in our workshop for further production, we will preserve it and wait for your production order, if the mould is going to be exported, we will have final mould checking according to the mould drawing. The mould will be running 4~6 hours without stop after final mould checking, in order to make sure a successful running for future production.

12> To save your time of cleaning the mould after it arrives at your side, we apply W40 colorless antirust oil on the mould surface, and the mould will be vacuum-packed for transportation.

13> Following documentation will be provided together with mould shipment: material certificate of core/cavity and mould base, heat treatment report(for harden steel only); 2D mould drawing in A1 printing; one CD with all 2D and 3D data; molding condition report & sample inspection report from final mould trial.

14> The mould running series production in our workshop. We'll be according to your request of production, and carry out production follow at ISO9001 & TS16949 quality system strictly.